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About SHRM Middle Georgia

    The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Middle Georgia is a direct affiliate of the National SHRM. The SHRM members encompass professionals from the Human Resource Management, Personnel Management, Industrial Relations, Labor Relations, and Employee Resource Management fields.  The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest association devoted to human resource management. Representing more than 210,000 individual members, the Society’s mission is both to serve human resource management professionals and to advance the profession.

    Founded in 1948, SHRM currently has more than 550 affiliated chapters within the United States and members in more than 100 countries. Visit SHRM Online at Chapter 154 of the Society for Human Resource Management, SHRM Middle Georgia, is premier professional association for human resource professionals in the greater Middle Georgia area. The goal of the Association is to position Human Resources professionals as an integral part of the strategic management process to enhance organizational performance.

    We invite you to participate, make new friends and colleagues. SHRM Middle Georgia has a variety of education and networking events for HR. Member benefits include free events, volunteer opportunities, HR articles, legal updates, HR job board, discounts, etc.


    SHRM Middle Georgia’s vision is to be known as a knowledge leader for moving Middle Georgia businesses forward by leveraging the capabilities of human resource members while partnering with the business community to create a vibrant performance environment in the following ways:

    Strategic Goal

    SHRM Middle Georgia’s strategic goal is to grow the skills and knowledge of HR professionals, partner in developing business leadership competencies, and lead in the development of best in class workforce and workplaces.  Our desire is to support Middle Georgia in becoming a best-in-class area for business.  SHRM-Middle Georgia intends to promote better HR leadership, which will lead to better business & leaders, thus resulting in a better community for business.


    • Grow and retain chapter members by offering useful and interesting content for all levels of human resource professionals
    • Build HR communities for the development of professional relationships and networking
    • Enhance the capability and credibility of the HR profession
    • Deliver excellent customer service and operate the chapter efficiently
    • Support SHRM, the SHRM Foundation and the Georgia State Council,  as well as promote membership, products and services


    To develop the human resource professional and the awareness of human resource management best practices in the business community via Chapter initiatives on:

    • developing high-performing HR professionals
    • encouraging corporate cultures that welcome opportunities to implement best practices
    • driving educational initiatives focused on building membership
    • developing HR communities of practice
    • improving skill readiness in the the community to attract and strengthen middle Georgia businesses area  
    • Deliver relevant business and HR curriculum for all levels of HR
    • Offer volunteer opportunities to engage chapter members